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Monday, May 16, 2005

First post, my introduction

My first blog, diary even. It's about me and my tennis. You see I'm really not very good. Well I am a really good, keen, mad, fan of the game, but my efforts to play it well are stalled. Maybe it's because I'm a Brit! :-) Actually I think Tim Henman is world class. It's just a pity that the British media does not seem to realize it, and now it's probably too late. I've seen Tim play in person, but he lost that day. Also we have some good players trying to make their mark.

Oh I think I'm pretty good myself, so that's a contradiction from the opening. I can topspin both sides, slice both sides (yes even the forehand), good drop shot, good topsin lob, reasonable power, pretty fast around court, good volleys when I play doubles. I was once told by a US coach that I had a good instinct for, and a good doubles game. So what's wrong? Well I have an average serve that hardly ever get an ace, have poor handling of short balls, poor volleys in singles, hate playing 'retrievers', and most especially don't play the same game and shots in a match that I am capable of and do play in practice. So more on my efforts to become a good club player in this blog.

As a fan I go to tournaments whenever I can, and can afford to. Have been to Wimbledon, I like watching the ladies at Eastbourne every year and their tennis :-) , see the vets at the RAH every year, have Eurosport on TV but sadly not Sky, can name most top 100 and more players, men and women, and something interesting about them - this used to amaze and bore my wife silly. More on these events as I write this blog.

I've been playing more than 10 years now, after coming back to a second time in my life as I'm now well into 'middle age' having been a reasonable player as a youngster. I've experienced some tournaments, injuries, plenty of injuries, made mistakes with the wrong rackets, played on grass, synthetic grass, green clay in the US, and different hard courts available in the UK. More on these topics too later. Have had quite a bit of conventional coaching, been on a tennis holiday and had some unconventional coaching with Brad Langevad.

I played doubles yesterday, not too strenuous, and no ill effects for the day after. I do seem to have a groin niggle though, but don't know how that occurred. Maybe getting out of bed, or the car. It's an old injury that flares up occasionally. As long as it's better by tomorrow when I'm playing again at the local club.


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