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Friday, August 26, 2005

BBC and tennis shoes

I have been able to play several times in recent days, both indoors and out. Playing outdoors in the UK is always a challenge and especially so at the moment with our typical British summer. I was sheltering under a tree at one stage from rain and hailstones and five minutes later struggling to serve with the sun in my eyes on the ball toss.

The BBC tennis site is a real disappointment at the moment with nothing at all on the New Haven or other tournaments. Interestingly there is an alternative default tennis page at the BBC. Spot the difference.

I am breaking in a new pair of tennis shoes. They are Wilson Pro Staff 710 which felt just right in the shop. I always buy 1 size larger than a normal shoe so that I can add a full strike sorbothane insole and some carnation heel pads. I find I need the extra heel lift to avoid achilles problems. I also take a sharp knife and make a vertical cut through the heel padding at the rear and top of the shoe as shown in this photo.



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