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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Anatomy and Psyche

Played for two hours last night, mostly doubles, even with the sore groin which did not get better during the day. It felt OK once I had warmed up, but was aching towards the end. In fact I think it's an adductor strain rather than the groin, probably the pectineus. I'm hoping ice and Voltarol will ease it as I agreed to play a singles match at the weekend. I also use Novasonic which I invested in after decding to stop paying physios 40 quid for half an hour. That and the excellent Primal Pictures at Anatomy TV aiding with self diagnosis get me through most injuries.

I played quite well. I usually do in doubles. In singles I tend to hold back, don't follow through, worry too much about losing, and don't really play my tennis. I need to overcome this mentally. Why is it so hard? It's only a game, that I enjoy, but I don't like losing. I don't like losing at doubles either but I guess I can always blame my partner. Not to his/her face! Where does this fear of losing come from? I certainly don't feel any disrespect for the opponents I beat, and often admire their strengths and congratulate them with genuine feeling if they have extended me. Maybe I should read some of the books on 'mental tennis'. I have read Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert and recommend it to any aspiring player. I'm thinking
of buying this book.


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