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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rackets (1)

No play or hard exercise since Tuesday evening. On the day following playing, if I am not playing again, I will try to take it easy and just do some stretches, sit-ups, knee bends, that sort of thing. I do need to get out for a run, but my work diary this week is cramping that idea.

I had the chance of trying out the new Head Flexpoint Radical racket. It's the model used by Agassi and Ferrero these days and some other pro's. Or so they say. The one I was lent was the Oversize which I would not normally go for, and by all accounts is head light. Compared to my racket a Prince Air Launch Midsize (the link is to a Midplus) it felt head heavy. Now the Head racket IS heavier than my Prince, even though I have added lead tape at the base and head, but I could feel the weight in the head of the Head which I really don't like. Sure it was good for forehand ground strokes if I was in position and could give it a good pop, but I struggled on most other strokes.

I wonder if all this new racket technology is just a marketing ploy. The Head Flexpoint has introduced holes in the beam of the racket at 3 o'clock and 9 0'clock, and made the beam narrower than usual so that the racket head can flex around and cup the ball as it is hit. Oh yeah? First of all the holes are aligned in such a direction to stiffen or compensate for the reduced beam width, so I am dubious about that. Then there's the question of whether the strings don't have more influence on this along with the overall flexibility of the racket. But tennis is a game of skill and confidence, and when you suffer in the skill area maybe a new racket is what is needed. I'm not falling for that marketing stuff though, but maybe, just maybe I should play test the new Prince O3 Red . Just look at THOSE holes!


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