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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tennis is Mental

In a moment of weakness, as I mentioned on May 18th, I bought Tennis is Mental I say a moment of weakness because I normally like to know or see what I'm getting before I hand over money. In this case I didn't hand over any money in the literal sense or even use a credit card, but used some 'spare' money sitting around in my PayPal account.
My initial reaction is one of disappointment. The book is small and maybe 70% of the pages have just have half a dozen lines on them where one two or three tips are expounded. However I guess in this case I shouldn't be measuring value on quantity, but rather on quality or results. I practise many of the tips already, things like: be prepared (body and kit), warm up before a match, have an A and B plan, and so on. But there are some tips or ideas in the book on mental preparation and execution that I I havn't really consciously acknowleged or heard before and will try out. So for now the juries out.

Played again last night with a club mix-in. Standard all round was better than the day session I attended earler this week, and I had a good work out and enjoyed myself.


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