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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Club night (2) and thinking of Eastbourne

Despite misgivings over my elbow I went to club night yesterday. I have been doing some fairly intensive treatment on my arm, with stretches, massage, ice treatment and strengthening; and although the pain has eased I am still aware that it's tight.

I initially played with the whack it hard man which really is a good test since the ball comes back so hard and fast. Then we all played four sets of mens doubles which was fairly energetic and a pretty good level.

Today my arm seems OK. I can still feel some soreness but not any new injury so I am hoping that it's mending. I'm gonna try some Cura-Heat although they could prove rather expensive since they are one-off use and discard.

I'm watching the results in Eastbourne since I will be there this Friday and of course want to see my favourite players. More important though is the weather forecast since where I live it is raining at the moment. One year when I visited Eastbourne tennis, I saw 20 minutes of play, then it rained for the remainder of the day. I was the sole hardy spectator who stayed until early evening hoping some play would resume. Went home wet and cold. Of course there's no refund if they play for at least 15 minutes! Next day was glorious sunshine.


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