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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Club night

Played again last night at the club mix-in. It was better this week because few people turned up, probably due to half-term. This probably says something about the British attitude to tennis; shouldn't half term provide more opportunity for youngsters to turn out? Maybe they were watching the football. Anyway the few of us who did turn up were reasonable players, so it was a good work out with a mix of doubles and singles. With no pressure to play well I played well!

From the men who turned out, there was:
  • Me: The most talented :-) but lacking in firepower and doesn't win much, similar to Fabrice Santoro but using one hand on both sides.
  • The whack it hard man: built like a brick *%$£house, reminds me of Mark Philippoussis but without the ability to hit the ball in court.
  • The retriever: excels at getting the ball back, reminds me of Rainer Schuettler.
  • Tall guy: boy I love it when I lob him successfully, reminds me of Mario Ancic.
  • Unfulfilled talent: younger guy who is quite promising but doesn't seem to make the most of his ability, reminds me of Xavier Malisse.
  • Mr forehand: hits it hard and flat and pretty good too, but nothing on the backhand, reminds me of Jim Courier.
  • The serve and volleyer, so of course that's Mr. Tim Henman.

There are others. I wonder if other people characterize their fellow club members in this way. It does help to know their strengths when competition time comes around.


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