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Friday, June 10, 2005


Interesting news about the apparent increased risk of heart attacks for people taking quite high doses of NSAID's. I suspect most athletes in most sports take NSAID's fairly regularly although probably not as much as the study group in the report which used people with chronic rheumatoid arthritis and similar conditions.

I don't take NSAID's internally as I'm allergic to aspirin, however as previously mentioned on other posts one of my favourite muscle rubs is Voltarol gel, which is an NSAID and contains diclofenac which was one of the NSAID's in the study.

Since I don't seem to be allergic to Voltarol I imagine the doses I absorb through the skin are quite low, so I will contine to use it for now and not go back to that old established remedy of tiger balm. Just as well because as I remember the smell was quite powerful!


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