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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rackets (2) and Golfers not Tennis elbow

I have a smidgen of golfers elbow . I have had this before a couple of years ago when I started using a very light and stiff Head racket. The lack of weight and the rigidity of the racket meant my arm was taking most of the shock which became a problem on forehand volleys and ground strokes, especially if my timing was off and late. At the time I went to a heavier racket from Babolat and others before ending up with my present Prince racket and my arm has been fine. Until now.

This time I don't think it's the racket because I have been using it for more than a year without problems. Instead I think it's my technique on the forehand since I started using a western grip . As a late starter to tennis I learnt using an eastern grip but over the last year have been moving my hand round into the semi-western and eventually western positions, in order to hit with more power and topspin. I think with the western I have gone too far without getting some advice from a pro on the stroke technique and the result is some golfers elbow pain. I am getting some pretty good topspin which was one of my goals, but I think for now I will stick with the semi-western and eastern since at my standard of play mostly on hard courts that should be enough.

In the meantime I'm using lots of Voltarol and Movelat which are my own favourite rub on gels. I also used to use Salonpas but as the link shows they are no longer available in the UK. I wonder why?


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