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Friday, July 29, 2005

No tennis!

Well I suppose a blog about tennis from a club level player about has to reflect their playing, and that is why I have been quiet this week, and will be next week too. No blog, no play.

Work, work, work.....

Next week I am in South Africa on business. In Johannesburg. It's my second time in South Africa. In 1971 I was in Cape Town when apartheid was a fact of life. It will be interesting to go back to this great country.

It's strange that this week, when I have not been playing, the tendinitis in my hand and wrist has been really bad, and so has the pain from golfers elbow. What is going on? It can't be the tennis.

In my previous blog I reported that I had purchased the book The Inner Game of Tennis. Well this week I lost it by leaving it behind in a hotel I stayed at in Cornwall. I had read about 80%. I have not contacted the hotel so it will be interesting to see if they contact me or just add it to their lounge collection.


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