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Monday, August 08, 2005

Club night (12) - the rematch

Played last night at the club for the first time in two weeks. Started pretty slow, but soon got back into it, although I struggled with my serve most of the evening.

We played the usual mixed doubles which is pretty slow anyway before my usual male doubles partner and I took on two ladies in the rematch I mentioned previously.

This time we won 7-5! Despite my erratic serve I did not lose my service game once, and even served a couple of aces. It was almost a re-run of the game two weeks ago, we went down at the beginning, came back to 4-4, then went ahead but this time served it out. I think it was pretty good quality doubles, played in good spirit and enjoyed my everyone.

My forearm, wrist and elbow felt pretty sore when I got home, so I applied some icepacks and did the usual Movelat massage. Today it's pretty good, no new injuries I think, just some muscle soreness where I have not played for a while.


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