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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Match post-mortem

Played today at the club mix-in, back on normal fastish hardcourt surface and talked to my doubles partner from yesterday about our disappointing loss. We both agreed that we enjoyed the match and noted some things to work on our individual games and doubles play. For example, I lost focus in the second set and started pushing at the ball instead of swinging through. No recriminations though, as the match could have gone either way. For example in the deciding tie-break that we lost 9-11, we were hurt by a cruel net cord that deprived me from putting away a volley.

Received an email from Nawin who blogs the regentville tenis blog. It really bought back memories for me of (too much) Tiger beer when I was a lot younger. Although I rarely drink these days, I will have a bottle of Tiger beer when dining out at a local Chinese restaurant.


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