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Monday, June 20, 2005

Club night (3)

Possibly due to the hot and humid weather , also father's day, the turnout at weekend club night was poor. I was worried about how my arm would hold up, and have bought a tennis armband, and also added some lead weight to my racket exactly at the balance point. My theory here is that since it's golfers elbow and not tennis elbow, the extra weight will help absorb some of the shock and stop my wrist bending so far back on mistimed heavy topspin shots using the seni-western grip. Eventually I'll take it off when my technique improves. Although the amount I added is tiny, too light to register on my electronic scales which measures in grammes, I could feel the difference in swing weight. At least I thought I could. Because of the hot weather I got a bit of a physical work-out, but not really a tennis work-out. Today my arm is OK, no new pain, so I am pretty sure it's healing.

Watching bits of Wimbledon on TV, also keeping up with the BBC website where I like the blog, and of course IBM's sponsored site.


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