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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Club night(4)

Not much activity last night at club night. Played mens doubles, 'gentlemens doubles' according to the Wimbledon web-site. The usual crowd was there. I was in strange form, a mixture of bad to brilliant but mostly bad. My arm was aching afterwards so I was a bit worried, but again today it does not seem so bad so I will persevere using the armband and extra weight on the racket and avoid the full western grip. I think sometimes these injuries take a while to heal especially if you continue playing instead of resting.

Usually in the UK at Wimbledon time the public courts become inundated with people eager to try out what looks like a simple game on TV. But it seemed surprisingly quiet last night. Maybe they were all still watching Tim Henman's marathon.

I heard from that the Adidas Barricade shoe in my size was sold out :-(. Need to find another quality shoe being sold at a good price.


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