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Friday, June 24, 2005

Wimbledon update

Tim and Greg are both out in the first week which is a pity as they're both serve and volley players, and in theory they should prevail on a grass surface. However since the debate over the grass mixture and length, court hardness and balls following Hewitt's success a few years ago it does seem clear that a serve volley player is not necessarily going to prevail anymore.

Justine is out, first one of my predictions.

That leaves Andy Murray, survivor of the Dunblane massacre and winner of the US Open boys last year. I have not seen much of him on the TV but his results so far, including beating Radek Stepanek yesterday would seem to indicate he has the talent and drive. I did see him at Superset in London Wembley Arena last year, when he was basically taught a lesson by McEnroe from the net.

I'm still rehabilitating my arm so doing more watching than playing at the moment. Alas, a new injury, or old one that has flared up, I have a slight groin strain again. Did it last night, merely I think by getting in and out of the car.


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