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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Club night (10)

Enjoyed club night mix in yesterday. One of the club coaches warmed us up first with a singles 'king of the court' across several courts. The coach joined in, and I was pleased to win a couple of points against him.

Later my regular doubles partner and I teamed up to play two sets of mens doubles which we won, but not easily. I was playing solidly, not outstanding but with few errors.

Today I can feel a new injury. The front of my shoulder is a bit sore. I've had this before, and suspect the old racket that I'm using to help recover from the golfers elbow as explained in previous blogs. Well, it is helping the arm but I am suspicious that it aggravates the shoulder when serving, because I've had the shoulder problem before when it became quite acute with some form of tenidinitis along the biceps tendon and lasted for many months. At the moment I think it's only a muscle strain and nothing associated with the joint, but it gives me a dilemma on whether to continue with my old racket which I'm really enjoying using, or revert to my usual racket and hope the golfer elbow does not recur.


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