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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Club night (8)

Low turn out again yesterday at the club mix-in despite, or pehaps as a result of, the glorious hot and sunny weather. Unfortunately I was hobbling around having pulled an adductor in the groin yet again on Sunday night. Anyway we had a pretty good quality mens doubles, and although my partner and I lost I took comfort in the thought that it was only because I was impaired through injury. Hah!

The other injury, golfers elbow is holding up quite well. It hasn't gone completely but is no longer extra sore after playing and recovers to near normal by the following day. I'm still playing with my older heavier racket and took the opportunity to weigh it: dead on 11oz or 313 grams on my scales, so probably quite light compared to rackets the pro's use . My normal racket is 10.25oz or 293 grams and that's with lead weighting added by me. I also checked the balance and although both my rackets are head light the older, heavier one, is more head light than my regular racket whose belance is close to even. I'm gonna stick with my older racket for now until I'm sure my arm is healed.


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