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Friday, July 08, 2005

Taking a backseat

With events in London, work and family distractions, I have not had much time for tennis or blogging. In fact a blog about tennis really seems quite meaningless and irrelevant at the moment. As an avid reader of a lot of geek or nerd blogs I notice a predominance of the British attitude is to go a pub and have a drink and get on with life. Personally I don't enjoy drinking, except the proverbial cup of tea. Oh I used to drink, a lot, in my youth but that's a long way behind me. I also used to feel quite embarassed about my non-drinking until I discovered I was in the excellent company of the late Richard Feynmann. My equivalent, I suppose, is to hit a few balls or go for a run. But hitting balls is great, other tennis players will know what I mean. So I've been doing just that, against a practise wall. I usually lose.


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