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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Club night (7) and rackets

Mix in club night last night where I played both singles and doubles. It was going quite well until I broke the strings on my racket. Since we were in the middle of a game I borrowed a Volkl Catapult 8 V-Engine racket. I found the weight and balance to be OK, but the power level was a bit too lively for my liking. Of course this could have been the strings.

After finishing the singles I used the spare racket I keep in the car. This is not the same as my regular racket which I keep a spare at home, but an older racket I used to use: the Prince graphite classic mid-plus. The Prince classic is heavier than my regular racket and generates lower power. At first I was struggling a bit with the extra weight, but since this used to be my regular racket I adapted pretty quickly. In fact I was quite pleased with it and played pretty well from then on.


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