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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Club night (6) and Wimbledon wannabees.

Played solid 2 hours of mens doubles last night at a pretty good standard. My serve was a bit erratic though, one ace, one game with three double faults, not sure why, but even so my partner and I won by 2 sets to 1. Today my arm feels pretty good, doesn't really hurt just some slight soreness so I think the golfers elbow is nearly, but not completely, gone. I'm gonna keep up with the recovery program however.

I mentioned in a previous post that the TV coverage of Wimbledon usually brings out all the people who've seen tennis on TV and think that it looks like fun and is easy, so they get out onto the public courts and give it a go. Last night was such a case, as the courts were quite busy near me with a mix of youngsters dressed in a range of eclectic outfits, wielding rackets and knocking the ball backwards and forwards. Of course they were discovering that it's not quite so easy after all, to serve, keep the ball in play, hit it with a reasonable stroke with some pace, etc..Anyway let's hope a few of them are keen enough to think about taking up the game.


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