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Monday, August 29, 2005

US Open predictions

The US Open starts today, so as per my attempts to predict the winners for the French and Wimbledon I will try and pick the winners again. I got the mens winner right at Wimbledon .

For the men I can't see who is going to stop Federer especially now that Safin has withdrawn. It would be interesting to see one of the young guns break through like Nadal did in Paris. One of Gasquet, Mathieu or Monfils. I don't think Monfils has adapted to the pro tour yet despite winning his first title and I don't think Nadal can sustain 2 weeks on hardcourt. So my second choice after Federer is Hewitt. He might not have the power, but he's hungry, has done it before, likes the atmosphere, settled personal life, and so it could be his turn again.

For the women I would really like to see Kim Clijsters get her first grand slam title. What a story that would be. Otherwise it has to be one of the usual bunch, a Russian or an American, but which one? I wonder if the Williams' are hungry enough.

So being adventurous and sticking my neck out, if I had the money and gambled I would put it on Richard Gasquet and Patty Schynder.

I suppose I should mention the Brits (with apologies to the Scot). I would guess that Rusedski has the best chance of getting to the second week based on his recent form, and the injuries that Henman and Murray have had.


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