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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The winter season approaches

School has started after the long summer break, it's nearly dark at 8 p.m, court prices have gone up at the local public tennis center and David Lloyd, and the summer club schedule has given way to the closed season schedule. Gloomy thoughts of approaching winter. But at least the weather is bright and sunny, 23 degrees. Oh, maybe it's the global warming, gloom again.

Played at the club mix-in last night. Trying out my new full eastern backhand grip , not very successfully. Not sure whether to persevere with this or not. It gives me more power for a topspin backhand but so far less control. Also trying to improve my forehand with earlier take back and fuller swing. This was partially successful and I hit a couple of outstanding shots. Yes I know it should be more than a couple, but my forehand is usually pretty solid anyway, I just want to make it a weapon.

My long shot picks for the US Open have gone, Patty Schynder, Richard Gasquet. The others, who were more or less favourites anyway are still there. The surprise is James Blake. What a story that would be, to go with Kim Clijsters, if they were both to win. If Kim gets past Maria Sharapova in the next round then you really have to fancy her chances. James has to get past Andre, and of course Roger is still working his way to the final.

Just found the revolutionary tennis site.


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