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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Club night (30) with the O3 Tour

Turn out at club mix-in on Tuesday night was low, even so I was able to play some men's doubles using the Prince O3 Tour racket. Reading the patent on the racket is fascinating - it's made from two moulded parts!
I resolved in my mind the contradiction reported in my last blog concerning the rackets power. The racket is very damped and a short or half swing does not produce much power. A full swing however brings the rackets weight into play, and that with the larger sweet spot produces more power than my existing Prince racket, even though the O3 has a lower power rating.
Serving was still a problem for me, but strangely only when I played in a match. During the warm-up I was serving fine. Hmmm...during the warm-up I was looser and not forcing the action, so I think this is something I will adjust to.
I'm going to buy one! Or two. I already have four rackets so I will use ebay to sell my existing two Air Launch rackets.


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