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Friday, December 09, 2005

Tennis doldrums

Not much time for blogging or tennis with work related end of year activity taking me around the country. Ah, the pleasure of cheap hotel rooms and driving in torrential wind and rain, or on icy roads for early morning starts.
I have played twice since my outing to the Seniors Masters Tennis as reported in my last blog, which was won by Paul Haarhuis. I saw the match on BBC. Courier was outgunned in the first set, but like a true champion he made Haarhuis, who was clearly in the zone, have to keep the level up in order to win. Myself, I tried to carry over the inspiration gained from watching Courier and Bruguera play in my own games, and to some extent that worked.
The good news is that my arm is nearly recovered from  the golfer's elbow I first reported back in May and I am back to using my regular racket. I no longer have pain doing normal activity, stretching or playing, and have stopped the regular icing and application of NSAID creams. I will maintain a low schedule in winter until it's completely gone and just hope the corrections I have made to my forehand, along with the forearm strengthening will prevent a recurrence next year.
For all tennis elbow sufferers this sounds interesting. Or scary!
There's a few interesting items in the world of tennis:


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