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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Club night (31) in the cold, again

The weather in the UK is a bit different from that in Melbourne. At club night yesterday it was hovering just above freezing when I started and there was ice on the car when I left. Only five of us turned up, 4 men and 1 lady and she left when she saw she was the only female. So we played doubles for just over an hour and decided after that it was too cold. One of the other players wore glasses. I meant to ask how he copes with them misting up in the cold which was a problem I used to have, and one of the reasons I wear contacts when playing.
I played with my new O3 Tour racket. The stringing seems different, looser maybe than the demo I had tried. It is certainly livelier which I don't like. I could get it re-strung straight away, but...we'll see.
Excitement at the Australian Open is building with Roger having some tough matches and by all accounts scraping through and Nalbandian getting better. So will Nalbandian put out Baghdatis's fire? If so that's got to be a rerun of the Master's final since I fancy Federer to beat Kiefer.
Not sure about the women's singles since I have not had a chance to watch any on TV. Will Amelie freeze again and can Justine blunt Maria's erratic firepower leaving possibly a rematch of the previous Grand Slam meetings between Kim and Justine?


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