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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

DRM rant update

I had a rant the other day about CD copy control from EMI and BMG. Well as promised I asked a colleague to copy the CD's using his CD/DVD copier from Philips. There are a number of options for doing the copy with the Philips, and he basically chose 'copy audio' and sure enough was able to create two new CD's with the audio tracks playable and accessible on my PC that I can now rip to my MP3 player.

So all EMI and BMG have done is to make it difficult for these CD's to be copied on a PC, but probably not impossible since as I said in my earlier blog I think the difficulty I had was with the CD/RW drive. In so doing they piss off the ordinary user like myself who wants to copy the CD's to their MP3 player for personal use, whereas anyone who wants to illegally copy and distribute the CD's or music for download can still do so using one of the many copy machines available from the likes of Philips, Panasonic, JVC, etc for less than £500.


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