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Saturday, September 10, 2005

ATP tour proposed doubles changes

The proposed doubles changes on the mens ATP Tour have caused quite a storm with some players suing the ATP, and that includes winners from the mens doubles and mixed doubles at the US Open.

Jon Wertheim discussed it in his mailbag here and here . I think he has it pretty much about right. At club level in the UK most of us play doubles most of the time and we certainly don't want to change the game scoring format. Let's hope the WTA do not come under similar pressure from the tournaments to propose similar changes.

However I can see the point of view from the tournament directors if they perceive that doubles is a drain on expenses and not the same revenue earner as singles. In business however, although we try to cut expenses, we also try to improve the sales or marketing of the end product first. So for those reasons I hope the ATP changes do not endure and some alternative comes to the rescue.

Update: Just found this site in support of the players.

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