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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two pro rackets compared

I had the chance to hit with two pro rackets, the Wilson nSix-One Tour as used by Roger Federer and the Prince O3 tour as used by Guillermo Coria. The two rackets are very different.

The Wilson is quite heavy at 12.4ozs/352gms, solid and chunky and I would never buy or use one as I don't have the strength, strokes or skill to handle it effectively. I can see why the pro's use it though so if you are an advanced player and have the strength, strokes and technique then you should try it. I think I understand now what they mean by a 'players racket'.

I have raved at a distance about the new Prince O3 rackets when I also wrote about the Head Flexpoint Radical. The O3 Tour weighs in at at 11.6oz/319gms so is quite light for a male pro's racket. Compared to the Wilson I preferred it, but am surpised that Coria uses it as I would not have considered it to be a 'players racket'. It is not as heavy, or as strong as the Wilson and has more power. Maybe Coria strings it really tight? I certainly liked the O3 Tour and when I have some cash to spare will consider taking one out for an extended trial.

Just for a laugh I got out my collectors wooden Dunlop Maxply Fort Tour racket (link is to a great great web site by the way!) and weighed it. Strung, it weighs 14.5ozs/412gms and the head seems tiny! See here for a discussion on using wooden rackets.

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