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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Forearm and Wrist exerciser

I have got an exerciser like the one shown which is from Gripstik. The one I have is several years old, and is called 'The Advantage' but I cannot find the original model or manufacturer on the web.

I remembered I had it after searching for wrist and forearm exercises to help my recovery from golfers elbow and came across wrist roller devices. I was just about to go and make my own wrist roller, from a broomstick and weight when I remembered that I had the Gripstik type device stored away somewhere.

I have started using it and it sure makes the hands sore which I'm going to have to watch, but in no time at all it pumps the forearms up, so I hope that means a good blood flow with improved vascularization to my injured elbow tendons.

It should supplement my Powerball which has fallen into disuse lately.

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