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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Another injury, oh boy!

Had an excellent hitting session with a coach today, working on movement, depth, short balls. I'm still trying to improve power on the backhand with a full eastern grip and and fix the forehand contact point. We played three games at the end where I won one, and took one to several deuces. I didn't get a single point on his service game though.

Unfortunately I pulled a muscle serving. It feels quite deep and just below the collar bone in the front center of the chest. Based on this anatomy chart I think it's either the Subclavius or the Supraspinatus or the Pectoralis Major muscle.

Clicking on the link for the Pectoralis Major leads to this drawing where I have circled the point of pain which is where the muscle attaches to the head of the Clavicular.

I applied an ice pack when I got home, can't compress the area but will skip my regular Sunday club session since it's quite painful (after saying that I never rest too!).

Waiting for the US Open ladies final and watching the live scoreboard of the Federer - Hewitt semi. I'm rooting for Kim and Roger.


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