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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Played again, inspired by Andy Murray

Played again yesterday, for the first time in a nearly a week after resting my arm. Five days rest is probably not long enough, but today it has not reacted too badly. Some slight tenderness over the medial epicondyle but no stiffness or undue soreness.

I went back yet again to using my old Prince Triple Threat Graphite racket, which I find quite comfortable and the extra weight compared to my regular racket is hopefully better for my arm while it heals. I hit with one of the club coaches and we played a few games. My form was quite good, and my arm did not hurt whilst we were hitting or playing except on two occasions, a high volley and a mishit serve.

I am due to play again on Sunday, but might give it some more rest. We'll see.

I did watch the Davis Cup doubles on TV, and for the first time out of the few occasions I have seen him, was quite impressed with Andy Murray. He was very solid and capable all round even in front of Roger Federer. In fact he seemed to show up some weaknesses in Federer's doubles game on occasions, passing or beating him regularly. I don't think Federer played that well, but well enough to win I suppose. To say that future tennis hopes of a nation rest on Murray is really quite unfair, and for the media to expect him to win in the opening singles was optimistic given the rankings of the players.

I have seen Murray in person, at the Superset tennis in London Wembley Arena last year. He played and lost to McEnroe 6-1, and that was quite an opener. In the very first game with Mac serving, Mac initially stayed back and it was clear that Murray's groundstrokes would overwhelm him. So McEnroe switched to his normal game, at the net, and that was the end. However McEnroe was quick to heap praise on Murray and has continued to do so. There's quite a few useful male teenager tennis players around, Murray, Monfils, Gasquet, Berdych, Nadal, Mathieu; who have I missed?

What did happen to Superset tennis? It certainly seemed to fill Wembley Arena with a non-traditional tennis crowd, mostly full of exuberant youth that the LTA seems to want to encourage to take up tennis. I was quite an 'oldie' amongst the crowd but thoroughly enjoyed the event as well.

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