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Sunday, October 02, 2005

When is losing 3-6 5-7 also a win?

Congratulations to Andy Murray for making his first ATP tour final against Roger Federer the worlds no1. Sadly, but also like Federer, Murray lost in his first final. The BBC is even changing its regular and publshed program schedule to show it on TV in the UK, albeit at the 'enthusiasts time' of 22:55. Of course these days it's easy to tape, record to DVD or Tivo what you watch and since it's not live that's probably what I will do too.

I played on Friday with one of the club coaches, following some of the Junior sessions at the club. The youngsters were buzzing with Murray's progress to the finals, and it certainly does seem to be giving the grass roots a lift, and not just the UK media.

Bad luck on Tim Henman the other long suffering stalwart of British tennis, whose withdrawal from the Thailand Open made room for Murray and who has now had to withdraw from the Japan Open. Henman is certainly a class act who was never appreciated by the UK media, and I fear that a bad back will make it tough for him to get back into the top 10. I hope he is able to prove me wrong but a back injury is tough to deal with, as Agassi is finding out.

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