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Monday, January 30, 2006

Club night (32) still cold

Played for 2 hours Sunday evening a mixture of singles and doubles. The UK is still quite cold at 4 degreesC, but with a bitter East wind that brings the temperature down further and plays havoc with the ball in the flood-lighting on outdoor courts.

I am starting to serve better with my new racket. My golfers elbow is no longer a problem, though there are remnants lingering, but just to ensure I remain with at least one injury my shoulder is now playing up. Some part of the Deltoid muscle I think caused by serving. I just hope its not the weight of the new racket. Fix one thing and break another! We'll see.

At least the evenings are lengthening, and I participated in the annual Big Garden Birdwatch. Last summer I had the pleasure of seeing a woodpecker in my garden eating the bird nuts put out for the finches and blue-tits.


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