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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Queens club and the Stella Artois

I had the pleasure of visting the Stella Artois championships at Queens Club this week. It was my first time. I saw several good matches including Henman v Agassi, and many players practising, including: Monfils, Mathieu, Davydenko, Philippoussis, Gonzalez, Mirnyi, Knowles, Nestor.

This week I am going on my regular annual visit to the Hastings Direct at Eastbourne.

The two tournaments contrast in many different ways.

The Stella of course is mens and was busy, busy, busy, and very cramped, whereas Eastbourne is far more pleasant and not just because it's ladies. Even so, the seat I had at the Stella on Centre Court was excellent as were most seats because the venue is so small. So the hectic and cramped environment is more than made up for by the proximity to the top men players. When I first arrived I resolved "never again" but by the end of the day and that was nearly six hours of play, I had changed my mind. If you're a tennis fan then Queens is OK. I suppose my main criticism is the limited access to watch players practising. Eastbourne wins hands down in this respect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey welcome back, but where have you been?

11:57 PM  
Blogger TennisNut said...

Sorry for the slow reply, I missed this comment. Where have I been? Out injured with arm and shoulder problems. It's all been rather dispiriting, and even the rest from tennis did not allowed healing, although to be truthful I have been playing at a social level once a week just to keep the eye in.

11:22 PM  

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