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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Diversions and Knoppix

Returned from sunny Nice to discover I had missed even hotter weather in the UK.

I have not played any tennis now for several days, what with travelling and other diversions, including watching the French Open on TV.Interesting to see Safin overcame Ferrero, so I did not really need to hedge my prediction the other day. Not sure that Safin can prevail now with the injury. My chance to play again comes later today, both singles and doubles. The singles is going to be tough on several levels, fitness after travelling, timing with strokes, and as ever mental.

The other diversion is trying to recover data from an old IBM NetVista PC. I suspect a virus as it just reboots during boot up of WindowsME. Even in safe mode after building the desktop it reboots before I can get in to actually stop further programs or services starting. Tried booting Knoppix but that also reboots during the Linux boot, but I suspect this time with a hardware incompatibility. Tried various cheatcodes still no joy. Trouble is my Knoppix CD is v3.4 and I see the latest available is v3.8 so I downloaded that and then discovered my CD/RW drive has packed up! Won't read any CD's, never mind try to write one. Decided to reflash the drive's firmware, only to discover I need to create diskettes for this. Is IBM the only company left still using diskettes? Since I don't have a diskette drive I tried to do this using a USB key, no joy, so now I'm going to see about borrowing a USB diskette drive to reflash the CD/RW drive firmware to see if I can build a v3.8 Knoppix CD and maybe if that still fails with the NetVista I will try an Auditor CD.


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