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Monday, November 14, 2005

Club night (23) triples and cold

Quiet at club night last night, only three of us turned up so we played two on one and rotated after three games. I've blogged about this before.

The temperature playing outside was about 9 degrees C, and was a bit chilly for only a single top and wearing shorts. It's been down to 5C in the UK but that's still unseasonably warm. I remember when the first ground frosts would start towards the end of October and we're nowhere near that. I also remember from last year that I start wearing a tracksuit bottom when the temperature is around 7C.

Playing in cooler weather is always a concern for keeping warm and avoiding injuries. I was playing quite well, apart from my serve which was erratic. In this cooler weather the balls fly quite slow, and are reluctant to bounce. Then there's the glare from the outdoor flood-lighting which is needed in these dark evenings.


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