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Friday, November 18, 2005

Club night (25) colder still

Friday club night was miserable with the temperature hovering around freezing. There was a thin layer of frost and ice on my car when I left home for the club. This time I dressed sensibly.

Turn out was poor which is hardly surprising. All the sensible folks stayed home whilst the youngsters no doubt hit the clubs and bars as usual for a Friday evening.

I hit with one of the coaches and even worked up a sweat. This instantly turned into an 'ice-vest' when I stopped playing.

I am disappointed that Eurosport is not able to show recordings from the Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai, so I've been following events as best I can using the BBC's tennis site, but even that has been poor. Thank goodness for Court Coverage, and given my moan about the WTA Championship web-site the Master's Cup web-site is much better.

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