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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Club night (24) colder

Tuesday's club night was slightly colder outside than my previous blog, and I spoke too soon about it being unseasonably warm as the UK weather forecast is even colder. Last night it was 7 degrees C (45 Fahrenheit) and again I turned out again in shorts, which was a mistake. But the bigger mistake was a single short sleeved top and jacket. I really needed another under-vest or T-shirt. I will be playing again Friday evening which has warnings of overnight -1C. What to wear? I will be playing singles so will develop a sweat, but need to keep warm at the beginning and end. Sounds like I need thermal layers. This is tennis UK style!
Turn out last night was pretty good and I played a round robin of singles and doubles amongst other men. This was good as some are clearly better than me, although I feel able to cope but just not consistently enough at the same level. My regular doubles partner and I won our turn however, even though we were both slightly below par.
Once my arm injury has healed and I can practise more often I'm going to work on early preparation, taking the ball early, serve and tactics. Probably in the spring next year.


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