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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Young guns at Wimbledon

As we start the second week in Wimbledon the Brit status is very much the same as last year, except that we still have James Auckland and Jamie Delgado left in the men's doubles.

It's interesting to see the number of younger players still in the slam. McEnroe said on the BBC that he wouldn't be surprised if Federer got caught out this year, much like Sampras in 2001.

So who's left of the youngsters, starting with the men:
  • The superlative Nadal who's looking increasingly useful on grass. Read Agassi's post match interview. He's full of respect.
  • Murray of course. He's a dogged hustler of a tennis player with a touch of class. He can win his next match too, against Baghdatis.
  • Berdych. Don't know much about him. What's he done since the Paris Masters? He's got to get past Federer next.
  • Baghdatis. Can he repeat his success at the Australian Open and then go one better. I don't think so because he's carrying an injury and Murray is going to make him run.
  • Djokovic. Who's he?
I guess the French youngsters don't like grass!

The women:
Just kidding with the "who's he/she" but I'm going to be saying "who's she" a lot more in the future when it comes to women's Chinese players.


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