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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Back home

Back home after flying on a Virgin red-eye from JFK. The new airtrain system is awesome and takes you direct to the Hertz parking lot from your terminal. The flight was pretty smooth and took less than 6 hours. I have picked up a raging sore throat during my time in the states, probably the start of a nasty head and chest cold, and still have a sore arm. Can't blame Virgin for either of them. Suffering from the time difference too today as I only managed about 3 hours of dozing on the plane.
Drove along the Van Wyck Expressway (why do they call it an expressway? - it crawls) which is nearly alongside the USTA National Tennis Center where the Arthur Ashe stadium is clearly visible but dwarfed by the even grander Shea stadium. That's probably the closest I will get to the US Open. 
Went for a short run but took it easy and hit a few balls against a practise wall for 10 minutes. After a sedentary week of conferencing I just want to ease back into the demands made on the body by the motion and movements of playing tennis.  
Trying to catch up on tennis news, I see Nadal is still on the ascendancy and Robby Ginepri is continuing his good run in the second half of this year. They play each other next in Madrid.
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