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Saturday, October 29, 2005

First hit for 3 weeks

Visited the club last night and hit with one of the younger coaches for an hour. I was hitting the ball quite well on forehand, slightly less so on the backhand, so on the drills and exercises we did for the first 40 minutes I was in surprisingly good form given that I have not played for 3 weeks. When we played a few games however the rustiness showed, mainly on movement and anticipation.
My arm felt really solid with no pain whilst playing, but some soreness today, although I have other general soreness in the shoulder and legs so I'm not too concerned. Will wait and see how I feel on Sunday before deciding whether to try Sunday nights regular doubles session.
Clocks go back tonight, that means dark at 5pm in the UK, and getting darker earlier as we move to December 21st. I hate it.


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