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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Henman v Murray, post match analysis

Well I was going to blog some thoughts before the match. Roughly my thinking was along the lines of:
  • Henman hasn't played much lately because of his back injury and when he has played he hasn't been convincing; but will have something to prove against Murray. It's called pride.
  • Murray is on a high and the player on form, and although he too has not played in the last month because of an injury should have the confidence to take the game to Henman. Also he is ambitious.
  • On balance Murray could well have the edge, but it's too close to call.

Well thanks to Eurosport I was able to watch the match and although it wasn't particularly good tennis Murray took it, just. I felt that in the end Henman didn't have the belief and it could have gone either way. Both players showed flashes of brilliance but overall it wasn't a classic.

I'm sure the UK newspaper media tomorrow will be shouting about the changing of the guard, and that's probably going to be true over the next year or so, but if Henman can get fit over the closed season and stay fit next year I think he still has the game to be competitive. Probably not top 10 but top 50 for sure. The question is will he be satisfied with that?

As I've already mentioned Murray has some competition from other teenagers, so although he could crack the top 20 which is his goal for next year it's going to be tough.

As for my own tennis, I've been doing some arm strengthening exercises as well as my normal exercise routine. For example  I went for a run today. Although my arm still has some soreness I will hit with a coach on Friday and see how it holds up. In the past when I've had long term chronic injuries such as jumpers knee, back stiffness or tennis elbow, I've been able to return to the game without the condition completely clear, but slowly recovered by protecting the injury and continuing with the rehabilitation. Since I play less in winter anyway let's hope this works again.
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