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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Club night (20), UK no.1 2005

After several weeks absence I went to my first mid-week semi-serious club night session last night. Turn-out was low which surprised me since there's not much else to do, for a tennis player, in these long dark evenings. On the positive side most of the people who turned up were solid players. So I played a mixture of singles and doubles, and was playing quite well with my backhand marginally improving but still not where it used to be.
My arm is holding up quite well today, sore but no more than it was before. So I think I have fixed the forehand action that was causing the injury and just need to give it time to heal. This will probably take a few months since I will continue playing although at a reduced frequency.
I haven't read the book Duel for the Crown about Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski in 1998, but it is general if unsubstantiated knowledge that the two players are not friends by choice.  So I am sure that Rusedski's charm at his press conference at not finishing no.1 in the UK at year-end hides a bitter and deep felt disappointment. Conversely Henman must be secretly pleased although disappointed with his latest injury.
Next year is going to be interesting for Henman, Rusedski and now Murray the new kid on the block. It's going to be interesting anyway with the other youngsters, Roddick still without a Grand Slam and of course the ongoing Russian and American saga with the women's tour. Hooray for Patty Schynder qualifying for the season ending championships.


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